21st September 2020

Dear Society Member,

Re: Limousin Bull Jacot 36-94-005-555

Following the statement to members on the 1st of July 2020, relating to the bull Jacot, we are pleased to confirm that the associated herd in question has been removed from suspension.

The Society has been informed that semen from Jacot was imported to the UK and the member concerned has been unable to produce the health certificate required by byelaw 3.2. This is a breach of the Society’s byelaws, but we have not found any reason to question the pedigree of progeny produced by Jacot’s semen. The EU legislation in place at the time required that the BLCS accept Jacot’s French herd book details. For clarity, the progeny of Jacot presently remain within the main section of the BLCS herd book.

For the avoidance of doubt, none of Jacot’s semen was sold through Semenstore.

Members are reminded that, as per the BLCS Byelaws, it is Members’ responsibility to check in advance an animal’s eligibility and/or the eligibility of semen for import and export with the relevant Limousin herd books, satisfy themselves as to the history and provenance of the same, and to comply with the applicable legislation in force at the time.

This issue affects all pedigree beef breeds so, further to our instigation, the National Beef Association (NBA) has raised the issue of semen trading and health certification on behalf of ALL breeds with Defra. It is anticipated that, following consultation, an industry-wide policy will be put in place to benefit the whole pedigree sector.

We will keep Members informed as and when there are further developments.

Yours sincerely,

The British Limousin Cattle Society