Entries close – Friday 6th May 2022

To be held at Borderway Mart, Rosehill, Carlisle CA1 2RS (adjacent to J43 M6 motorway)

Entries are open for all ages of bulls and females


The sale is open to all members of the British Limousin Cattle Society and all entries must be entered and registered within the Society Herdbook. The sale is a one-off opportunity to market animals which are a true a celebration of the breed, that will not be available in any other sale.

TAURUS ON-LINE ENTRIESEntries are now open so you may enter animals for this sale online at www.taurusdata.co.uk. If you would prefer to place your entries by telephone, please call Harrison and Heatherington on 01228 406230 or the Society office on 02476 696500.

When entering animals please ensure herd health information is to hand.

SELECTION PROCESS All entries will be subject to a selection process, carried out by a panel to meet the criteria of the sale. As part of this selection, all entries will require a reserve price which will be reviewed by the auctioneers. Once the closing date has passed the Society will be in contact to record the reserve price for individual animals.

ENTRY FEEAll invoicing for sale entries will be made by the Society following the acceptance of the entry and will be collected by direct debit in the usual way.  An entry fee of £25 + VAT will be charged per entry on behalf of the auction mart.

HERD HEALTH POLICY –Any herd selling cattle at Premier Collective Cociety sales must be EITHER from a BVD Accredited herd from a CHeCS approved Herd Health Scheme OR to have been BVD tested virus free.  All animals forward will require to be BVD vaccinated prior to sale with an approved vaccine.  It is a condition of BLCS Premier Collective sales that animals from herds which are Johnes risk level 5 will not be permitted to be sold.

DNA SIRE VERIFICATION –All animals entered must be Sire parentage verified and Myostatin tested before the inspection, through the Society. Any entries that have not been Sire parentage and Myostatin tested will not be eligible to go forward to the sale.

TB PRE-MOVEMENT TESTING – All cattle over the age of 41 days moving out of herds from a one-year testing interval must be pre-movement tested within 60 days prior to sale.

PRE-SALE INSPECTION – All animals must be available for inspection prior to the sale. A Veterinary Officer will examine all animals forward for general health and genetic defect, particularly teeth, eyes, testicles, warts, udders and locomotion. An appointed Society Inspector will check general conformation, locomotion, breed characteristics and temperament. Any animal discovered with a genetic fault, disease or disorder will be REJECTED. Animals will be placed in a crush for this inspection – as required by the Veterinary Officer. The Veterinary inspection will form an integral part of the pre-sale inspection procedure.

Please note – All animals are subject to a pre-sale inspection to provide a minimum standard and animals are sold with all patent defects, and any subsequent claim after the fall of the hammer is against the vendor and not the British Limousin Cattle Society.

RECORDED WEIGHTS & MEASUREMENTS – All animals will be weighed and bulls testicles measured by BLCS officials as an integral part of the pre-sale inspection procedure.  Official weights and testicular circumference (in kgs and cms) will be displayed above each pen.

ESTIMATED BREEDING VALUES (EBV’s) – All animals entered in Limousin Sales will have weights and EBV’s published provided they have one adjusted weight.

ALL ANIMALS entered for the sale, MUST BE ADEQUATELY TRAINED TO LEAD BY HALTER and MUST BE PARADED FOR INSPECTION – unless exempted by the Stewards at the time and place to be notified.  Evidence of faults of temperament, vices etc., may lead to disqualification.

IDENTIFICATION MARKS – All cattle entered for the sale will have their ear tags examined as an integral part of the pre-sale inspection procedure.  Any cattle found to have faulty, incorrect or illegible tags will be REJECTED from the sale. Vendors are therefore urged, in their own best interest, to examine the ear tags of sale cattle before the animal(s) leave their farm, so faulty marks can be rectified in accordance with the required Society procedures.

The sale will be held subject to the Auction rules, conditions of sale and special regulations of the British Limousin Cattle Society.

ACCEPTANCE OF STOCK – Due to DEFRA regulations the arrival of stock can only be accepted onto the market premises the day before the sale.  Any alteration will be notified to all vendors; however, we request that all arrival times must be strictly adhered to when published in the sale catalogue.

THE BRITISH LIMOUSIN CATTLE SOCIETY Concorde House, 24 Warwick New Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 2RA

Tel: 02476 696500     Email: info@limousin.co.uk

For further information contact the Pedigree Sales Office

T: 01228 406230   –   E: entries@borderway.com

W: www.harrisonandhetherington.co.uk


Borderway Mart, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS