Wednesday, June 16, 2021

British Limousin 50th Anniversary Year

The British Limousin Cattle Society celebrates its fiftieth Golden Anniversary in 2021. This marks 50 years since the first importation of Limousin cattle from France, which arrived into Leith Docks, Edinburgh in 1971. From these humble beginnings, no other breed has been able to exert such an influence on the UK beef industry quite like the British Limousin. Today British Limousin is the leading numerical beef breed with the highest market share, and its 2,800 members register some 18,000 pedigree calves each year. 

We have planned a series of events throughout 2021 to mark this ‘Golden’ year.’ With the events and dates in the grey and have no paragraph gap between each one.

Press Launch, Edinburgh – Saturday 30th January 2021

50th Anniversary National Limousin Show, Carlisle – Friday 30th to Saturday 31st July 2021

 a 50th Anniversary Special Sale, Carlisle – Friday 30th to Saturday 31st July 202

50th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Carlisle – Friday 30th to Saturday 31st July 202

Open Days – Throughout 2021

50th Year Advertising Opportunities

For all anniversary enquiries please contact:
Ellie Layton –