International Limousin Council

The International Limousin Council is an organisation of Limousin Breed Associations from around the world.


Objectives of the International Limousin Council

  • To represent the breed at an international level.
  • To promote the Limousin breed internationally.
  • To make available the results of research from around the world which relates to the Limousin Breed.
  • To work towards international genetic evaluation which will allow Limousins from around the world to be objectively compared.
  • To achieve common protocols for the exchange of genetic material
  • To promote good relationships between Limousin breed associations from around the world.
  • To facilitate youth exchange programs.
  • To hold a world conference at regular intervals.
  • To foster friendship between Limousin breeders around the world.

ILC Executive Committee

Aled Edwards (Wales) – President

Sebastien Stamane (France) – Secretary/Treasurer

Iain Kerr (UK)

Anne Brunet-Burgess (Canada)

Jo Epperly (USA)

Paul Sykes (Ireland)