Breed Standard

Definition of Pure-Bred Limousin Breed Standard

Definition Of Limousin Breed Standards As Described In The Society Bye Laws dated October 2022


Size -the Limousin should have a large, but fine, strong boned frame. Mature Limousin females should average 650 kilos and mature males 1000 kilos.

Head -the head should be short with a wide forehead and broad muzzle. If horns are present, they should be fine and curved forward with slightly raised extremities of lighter colour than the rest of the horn.

Body -The body should have well-fleshed forequarters; a deep, rounded chest with well sprung ribs; abroad, straight, and well-muscled back; a large and well-rounded rump, with pin bones not too protruding; and deep and well-rounded thighs. The belly should be wide but straight, and not too prominent on the bottom line. The hide should be fine and supple.

Legs -the legs should be fine-boned but strong and straight with a square even stance, and sound feet.

Disposition – Animals should have a quiet and manageable

Colour – should be solid and vivid red in colour, or black. Some variation is acceptable, but it should not be too dark or light, and should be lighter under the stomach, inside the thighs, around the eyes and muzzle, and around the anus and end of the tail. At the discretion of the Society, any male or female which has a solid patch of hair of an inconsistent colour with the main coat colour and which is larger than 1.25cm in diameter except below a straight line extending from where the flank meets the anterior aspect of the hind leg to the point of the sternum (breast bone) and not including the legs must not be used for pedigree breeding. (Please see Diagram A below).