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Members Web Page

The following is a general guide to what is required for a member’s web page:

  1. An average web page contains about the same amount of material as an A4 sheet of paper. The page can consist of all text or all images, but a mixture would be best.
  2. Pages will be in the standard format with the society header containing basic herd and contact details at the top and site links at the bottom.
  3. We can work with original photographs, negatives or any digital format for images (JPEG,TIFF,PNG,GIF etc.). All materials can be returned to the member directly if desired. The text should ideally be in digital form, in a Microsoft Word document or similar format. All materials should be delivered to the society offices.
  4. The charge per annum for a Member page is £100 + VAT. The price per annum includes factual changes (change of telephone number, address etc.) but replacement of images or rewriting of text would be charged (updates start at £25).
  5. Your very own page will be indexed by area and will be linked from every mention of your herd from anywhere on the site. This means that surfers from all over the world can link directly to your page when they find your cattle listed in show or sale reports.
  6. Promote your herd where it matters – on
  7. Contact the Society for more details.