Available Tests & Fees



Weatherbys Ireland offers a genotyping service for:

  • DNA profiling, used in parentage verification
  • Genotyping for Carcase Trait GEBVs
  • Horn/Poll
  • Coat Colour
  • Myostatin (F94L, NT821 and Q204X variants)
  • Protoporphyria

Members have the choice of using these services for the purposes of information and knowledge, as a selection tool to aid genetic improvement, as a means of marketing animals or as a combination of all these options.

Animals can be genotyped for any one or a combination of these options.  Should you wish to have your animals genotyped, please place your order online at www.basco.org (login, go to ‘My Page’ then ‘Place My Order’)

Price Schedule

The fees for the services are:

TEST Fee/Sample (£ excl VAT)
DNA Profile* by Microsatellite (MST) 25.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Myostatin 30.00
Myostatin only 25.00
Polled/Horned only 20.00
Coat Colour only 30.00
Myostatin + Polled/Horned 35.00
Myostatin + Colour 35.00
Polled/Horned + Colour 35.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Polled/Horn 30.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Coat Colour 30.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Polled/Horn + Myostatin 35.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Coat Colour + Myostatin 35.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Polled/Horned + Coat Colour 35.00
DNA Profile (MST) + Polled/Horned + Coat Colour + Myostatin 40.00
Car. Traits Genotype only 27.00
Car. Traits G’type + Myostatin 37.00
Car. Traits G’type + Polled/Horn 37.00
Car. Traits G’type + Coat Colour 37.00
Car. Traits G’type + Polled/Horn + Myostatin 42.00
Car. Traits G’type + Coat Colour + Myostatin 42.00
Car. Traits G’type + Polled/Horned + Coat Colour 42.00
Car. Traits G’type + Polled/Horned + Coat Colour + Myostatin 47.00

* A DNA Profile produces the DNA information that can subsequently be used in the verification of sire and/or dam identity.

A common combination of testing requirement is likely to be DNA Profiling + Carcase Traits Genotyping + Myostatin. From the table above, the current cost of this will be £62.00 excluding vat.

Fees for further combinations of these services are available upon enquiry to BLCS.  Telephone 02476 696500. Fees are payable upon submission of the hair sample (unless you have set up payments to be made via Direct Debit).

Disclaimer:  Samples submitted for genotyping are supplied by, or on behalf of the breeder.  The responsibility for its correct identification and accuracy of the accompanying information rests solely with the breeder and not with the British Limousin Cattle Society (BLCS) Ltd. By requesting this service, breeders consent to BLCS byelaws relating to use, copying, processing, storage, distribution and disclosure of samples and results.  Details are available from BLCS.