Media Briefing

Some notable Limousin breed facts and figures from 1971 – Present:


1971 First importation of 178 pedigree Limousins arrive at Leith Docks, Edinburgh

1986 Limousin becomes the UK’s leading AI Beef Breed

1996 First-ever British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) figures reveal Limousin as the UK’s most numerical beef breed. Limousin has retained this position each year through to present.

1996 – Present Just under 9 Million Limousin sired cattle

2001-2011 Limousin-sired BCMS passports average 34% market share over 10 year period

2004 The United Kingdom hosts the International Limousin Congress

2004 Nine bulls sold at the ILC Elite Pedigree Sale average £15,400

2006 Limousin bull Haltcliffe Vermount sells for 100,000gns at Harrison & Hetherington’s Borderway Mart,Carlisle, for vendors Messrs Ridley, to set an all-beef breeds World, European and British record at auction

2008 Discovery of the F94L gene, a modification of the myostatin gene, found almost exclusively in the Limousin Breed. Shown in international research to increase the weight of prime cuts in animals by as much as 19%, overall beef yield by 7%, 11% less shear force to cut a sample of eye muscle.

2008 British breeder Aled Edwards is elected as World Limousin President.

2010 pedigree sales gross £6.36 Million, a record figure. A UK all-breeds centre record average of £6,045 set at Carlisle in February for 176 bulls sold. For the first time, a Limousin bull sale surpasses the £1 Million mark in gross sales.

2010 Pedigree registrations reach almost 20,000 (19,974), a new record mark

2010 Membership of the Society just under 3,000 mark (2,932) – a record figure

2011 Limousin heifer Bankdale Erin sells for 65,000gns at Harrison & Hetherington’s Borderway Mart,Carlisle, at dispersal sale for vendor Gordon Wilson of the Bankdale herd, to set a World record at auction for a pedigree beef heifer.

2011 UK all-breeds record for frozen embryos set at on-farm Haltcliffe Sale when two embryos sell for 4,500gns per embryo.

2011 A UK all breeds and all centre record average of £6232 is set at Carlisle in May for the 121 bulls sold.

2012 A UK all breeds and all centre record average of £8242 is set at Carlisle in February for the 131 bulls sold.

2012 Dolcorsllwyn Fabio, from Glyn & Nia Vaughan, is sold for £126,000 setting a new Limousin world record and a UK & European bovine record.

2012 Pedigree Limousin cattle sold at official British Limousin Cattle Society (BLCS) sales break through the £8 Million mark in the year for the first time to set a new all-breeds record sales gross mark of £8,184,303.

2014 The maiden heifer Glenrock Illusion sells for £131,250 and sets a new UK & European all-breeds record for a bovine animal and a new world record for a Limousin animal.

2015 Trueman Jagger from Henry Savage & Sons set a Limousin new world record price, and an all-breeds UK and European record, when selling for £147,000 in October.

2015 A UK and all breeds centre record average of £8709 is set at Carlisle in October for the 85 bulls sold

2017 Ampertaine Mozart, from James McKay, becomes the fifth Limousin animal to sell for six figures when making 100,000gns (£105,000) at the Society’s May Sale held in Carlisle