Available Tests & Fees



Weatherbys Ireland offers a genotyping service for:

  • DNA profiling, used in parentage verification
  • Genotyping for Carcase Trait GEBVs
  • Horn/Poll
  • Coat Colour
  • Myostatin (F94L, NT821, Q204X, NT419 and E291X variants)
  • Protoporphyria

Should you wish to have your animals genotyped, please place your order online at taurusdata.co.uk (login, go to ‘My Page’ then ‘Place My Order’)

Where animal not been genotyped previously, or has a profile generated prior to 01/03/2018 Where animal has already been genotyped since 01/03/2018 or is being genotyped as part of this order*
Genotype only 22 n/a
Sire Verification 25 3
Dam Verification 25 3
Sire and Dam Verification 28 n/a
Myostatin 23 1
Colour 23 2
Polled 23 2
Protoporphyria 23 10

All prices shown exclude vat.

*Where any of the tests are being carried out for the first time, the sample is automatically genotyped.

The fees for the most common test requirements are therefore:

Sire Verification £25+VAT
Sire Verification & myostatin £26+VAT
Sire Verification, myostatin, colour & polled (ie current package) £30+VAT

All tests automatically produce a genotype for each animal that is included within the genomic evaluation to produce GEBVs for the carcase and maternal traits.

Fees are payable upon submission of the hair sample (unless you have set up payments to be made via Direct Debit).

Disclaimer:  Samples submitted for genotyping are supplied by, or on behalf of the breeder.  The responsibility for its correct identification and accuracy of the accompanying information rests solely with the breeder and not with the British Limousin Cattle Society (BLCS) Ltd. By requesting this service, breeders consent to BLCS byelaws relating to use, copying, processing, storage, distribution and disclosure of samples and results.  Details are available from BLCS.