Quality Charter

The Quality Charter

1. Early maturing

The influence of Limousin suckler sires and dams has never been more important. An early-maturing breed, Limousins naturally produce young, but mature, lean beef in the medium weight range demanded by supermarkets and for intervention supply.

2. Carcase quality

The Limousin has built a reputation for being The Carcase Breed. It produces beef with a low proportion of bone and fat, a top killing-out percentage and a high yield of saleable meat (73.3%). Half and three-quarter-bred carcases have excellent conformation well-suited to the market, which demands a consistent, lean beef product. A Reading University study into beef production highlighted the fact that suckled three-quarter-bred Limousin calves produce 98% of carcases classified -U or better. The meat quality of the Limousin carcase remains high whatever the animal’s age at slaughter.

3. Economic efficiency

Limousins guarantee excellent productivity at a low cost. The bulls are extremely fertile and their good conformation is passed on to all progeny, whatever the dams’ breeding, while their lighter frame ensures ease of calving.

4. High food conversion

The Limousin is a profitable converter of all feeds. Commercial producers around the UK testify that Limousins cross-breds demonstrate a higher live weight gain per kilo of food consumed than those of any other breed. Beef producers rearing Limousin cattle can expect bulls and cross-bred cows to do well on marginal land and their progeny to finish faster. In an age where profit margins are determined by production costs, this trait is of tremendous benefit.

5. Quality from dairy cows

Limousin cross Holstein Friesian suckler cows play a dominant role in commercial beef production. When crossed back to Limousin bulls, their three-quarter progeny produce carcases of similar quality and conformation to pure-breds.

6. Traceability

Pure-bred Limousin females are top class suckler cows and provide a viable commercial option for producers with a closed herd policy. They demonstrate high fertility, a good milking ability, high conception rates and ease of calving. Use of the breed guarantees vigorous calves stamped with Limousin quality and home-bred replacements ensure total traceability from birth to slaughter.