Semen Royalty Scheme

BLCS Semen Royalty Scheme

Any full member of the BLCS who owns a registered Limousin bull is entitled to charge a stud fee for any semen from his bull which is used in AI for pedigree breeding.

If membership of the Society lapses, any bulls previously entered on the scheme to that individual will be withdrawn from the scheme.

All registered Limousin bulls, from which semen is available, are eligible for the scheme (and DNA profiled as recommended by the ISAG by a recognised bloodtyping agency) except for any bull which has had pedigree or commercial semen distributed prior to application for the Royalty Scheme.
Imported semen from a Limousin bull registered in the country of origin and DNA profiled, as recommended by the ISAG, by a recognised blood typing agency will also be eligible for entry into the scheme.
Bulls entered for the MLC/BLCS Young Bull Promotion Scheme (YBPS) will be eligible for the Scheme.
An entry fee is to be paid for each bull entered in the Scheme to cover the initial costs of administration, printing and advertising. At the same time, the owner of the bull is required to agree to abide by the rules of the Scheme as stated herein and to declare the price of Semen Royalty that he will be charging for his bull.

For a full set of rules regarding the Semen Royalty Scheme please refer to the Society’s Byelaws.

The British Limousin Cattle Society along with its BASCO Data Ltd partners, the Texel and Suffolk sheep societies, continues the build of its worldwide web-enabled database. This collaborative approach is allowing the creation of a leading edge facility and will in stages create a multifunction database that will provide a single focal point for information, dissemination and breed improvement.

Specifically for both the members and Society’s administrative, technical and marketing purposes, this project is a long-term investment in an advanced technology with the aim of enhancing value, functionality, quality and speed of service to members. In the three-year course of the project the database will, through the worldwide web become entirely viewable and user friendly for members and customers alike. As such it will become an invaluable and principal breed and industry information and marketing tool.

One of the first enhancements within the database has been the automation of the Semen Royalty Bull Register. Explained simply, this means that the BASCO database now automatically recognizes an application to register a calf sired by a Semen Royalty bull and submitted on-line, by telephone or traditional paper means. The system will then immediately generate an invoice, to the account of the person making the application, for the given amount of Royalty required. It is just one of a series of meaningful enhancements that will be rolled-out to members on an ongoing basis.