Carrying on in the Limousin classes, in class four, first place goes to  Glenrock Elusive, another Wilodge Vantastic sired beast. She took the Champion of Champions title at the recent Northumberland Show and is a tremendous beast with good length and width about her. She’s out of Glenrock Caprice.  Second place goes to Windsole Flora from Mrs W Lawson followed by Mclarens Favourite from Mr W Mclaren in third.

Following on in class five, ‘Female, in milk, with calf at foot born after 1st January 2009’ is  January 2009 born Ronick Evette from William Dick and Sons. She is by Grahams Bonzo out of Ronick Viveur.

In class six, ‘Female in milk with calf at foot born on or before 31st December’, first place goes to Ironstone Dumandy, another from Smiths of Bloxham. She is another beast, with good locomotion, sired by Wilodge Vantastic out of Bailea Umandy. Second place goes to Harry Emslie with September born Emslies Duchess.

It was down to Brockhurst Bolshoi, from W J & M Mash Ltd, to take the first place in class seven, ‘Female certified in calf any age’.  She is a fine feminine beast out of Ronick Mc Ainsi and sired by Grahams Samson.   In second place was Ronick Velcro from William Dick & Sons.

That’s the round up of the female classes here at the RHS. There has been some tremendous stock put forward which will prove its worth both in the pedigree herd or commercially. Bull classes to follow.