Mr Barron’s Barrons Harness (lot 72)which is the Champion has sold for 6,000gns. Sired by Ampertaine Commander & out of Barrons Baroness.

Mr Bowe’s Wiggonby Halle (lot 77) has sold to Mr Metcalve for 1,200gns. Sired by Sarkley Chivalrous & out of Wiggonby Alli.

James Callion’s Melbreak Hero (lot 82) has sold to John Richardson for 9,000gns. An embryo calf sired by Rossignol & out of Sarkley Tarriane, who is a maternal sister to Sarkley Arriana.

Mr Watson’s Saunders Harvey (lot 85) has sold to Mr Luck for 2,200gns. Sired Saunders Dimitri & out of Saunders Usadora.

Mr Watson’s Saunders Horatio (lot 87) has sold to Mr Little of Brampton for 2,200gns. Sired by Anside Arnie & out of Saunders Ulala.