Over recent months the BLCS has been developing both a new on-line calf registration facility and also, a performance recording service.  These exciting developments have been trialled and rolled out slowly.  The Society are pleased to announce that on-line calf registration is available to all members now.  The switch to online performance recording will happen on 1st April, as BLCS takes this service over from Signet Breeding Services, as reported previously.

Both services will be accessed through the normal link to the BASCO database (click on the ‘BASCO Online Herdbook’ button from the BLCS home page (www.limousin.co.uk)).  In order to use the new on-line registration and performance recording service you will need to register to use the system, be on direct debit and have the email address you are using recorded with the office.  Once you have logged in you will have an option to register new calves.  From April 1st onwards you will also be able to add new performance records.  Both systems are step-by-step; they will allow flexible and easy management of your breeding herd records and automatic emails and mobile phone alerts will notify you of relevant upcoming events and important dates.

There are some differences between the two services which should be noted as follows:

  • On-line Calf Registrations:  Whilst all members will be encouraged to adopt this method of calf registration (for reasons of accuracy and timeliness of record management), it will not initially be mandatory.  Members wishing to continue registering calves by telephone, the present BASCO Gtx, and by post will be able to do so.  Please note that once you have chosen to register calves through the new interface then your access to BASCO Gtx will be switched off.

  • Online Performance Recording:  From 1st April, the Limousin performance recording service as at present provided by Signet Breeding Services will cease.  The new performance recording service – BASCO Limousin Performance Recording – will only be available online.  Members that are currently recording and wish to continue, as well as members that wish to start, will be able to do so as described above. 

As we get closer to the 1st April we will issue a reminder about accessing and using BASCO Limousin Performance Recording.  In the meantime, as early spring calves are beginning to appear I would  encourage you to try online registration and benefit from the time-saving and accuracy opportunities it offers.  Click on Basco Online Herdbook from the BLCS home page and follow the login and ‘Enter New Registration’ instructions.  Beyond this first ability to register calves we will thereafter in time be looking to introduce the means to doing a live census of your herd, transfers, and also de-registrations through the same interface.

If you have any query relating to these services, please contact BLCS on 02476 696500 or email info@limousin.co.uk

Iain Kerr
Chief Executive, BLCS


  1. All this pedigree stuff is new to me so to be able to read up first stops me sounding as daft as a brush. At the moment ***** is under my mums name but we will be changing soon and putting it under myself and the wife.