Michael Coyle’s Craigatoke Halo has won the Supreme  Championship at the  BLCS May Pre-Sale Show held today at Borderway Mart, Carlisle   This January 2012 bull is by Plumtree Deus and out of Craigatoke Bianca and had previously come first in his class and also Junior Champion before Judge Brian Baker made him his Supreme Champion.   Michael Coyle from Dernalebe Road, Douglas Bridge, Co Tyrone runs the Dernalebe herd in Northern Ireland.

Overall Champion Craigatoke Halo Reserve Overall Champion Gorrycam Hazzard
Overall Champion Craigatoke Halo Reserve Overall Champion Gorrycam Hazzard

It was another successful day for Northern Irish breeders with Stephen Reel  of the Gorrycam herd, Cullyhanna, Newry, Co Down  taking the Overall Reserve title with Gorrycam Hazzard.  Earlier in the show Derek Hume, Maghereagh Road, Randalstown, Co Antrim,  took the Reserve Senior Male Championship with Culnagechan Glasgowrangers.  Also from Northern Ireland was the Intermediate Male Reserve Champion Ballynahone Gigolo put forward by Mr R Henderson of 50 Clooney Road, Tobermore, Magherafelt, Co Derry.

Champions from the day are:-

Senior Male Champion Sportmans Gigalo Boden & Davies Ltd
Reserve Senior Male Champion Culnagechan Glasgowrangers Derek Hume
Intermediate Male Champion Goldies Goldfinger Bruce T Goldie
Reserve Int Male Champion Ballynahone Gigolo R Henderson
Junior Male Champion Craigatoke Halo Michael Coyle
Reserve Junior Male Champion Garrycam Hazzard Stephen Reel
Overall Male Champion Craigatoke Halo Michael Coyle
Reserve Overall male Champion Gorrycam Hazzard Stephen Reel


Overall Champion Craigatoke Halo
Overall Champion Craigatoke Halo
Res Junior and Res Overall Gorrycam Hazzard
Res Junior and Res Overall Gorrycam Hazzard


Senior Champion Sportsman Gigolo
Senior Champion Sportsman Gigolo
Intermediate Male Champion Goldies Goldfinger
Intermediate Male Champion Goldies Goldfinger

The Sale of bulls commences  tomorrow morning  at 10.00 a.m. and will be covered LIVE HERE on www.limousin.co.uk

Details of Class Winners can be found below:

Class 1                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 11 Millington Gitane Millington Grange Estate
2nd 12 Millington Gerry Millington Grange Estate
3rd 6 Normande Gerhardt Cruickshank Normande Limousin

Class 2 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 22 Sportsmans Gigolo Boden & Davies Ltd
2nd 23 Ronick Gilbert William Dick & Sons
3rd 25 Brontemoor Goldenglow JM & SM Priestley

Class 3                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 32 Culnagechan Glasgowrangers Derek Hume
2nd 26 Shire Gorse D B D Edgar
3rd 31 Garnedd Gogledd KI & E & HI Jones

Class 4                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 46 Homebyres Geoffrey Messrs J Logan
2nd 42 Cowin Goliath WDD & C James
3rd 41 Gunnerfleet Galaxy J & I Handley

Class 5                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 52 Redriver Goingforgold Mrs JAD Hunter
2nd 48 Haltcliffe Ghost Messrs Ridley
3rd 49 Easegillhead Goodstuff D & CE Marston

Class 6                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 64 Ironstone Ghostbuster Smiths of Bloxham
2nd 61 Glencarrigh Guaire Cruickshank Normande Limousin
3rd 72 Gourmand T Cheshire

Class 7                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 76 Mereside Godolphin RM Hazard & Sons
2nd 80 Twemlows Guardian WL & JA Forrester
3rd 75 Haltcliffe Gazza Messrs Ridley

Class 8                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 96 Haltcliffe Genial Messrs Ridley
2nd 94 Artnagullion Ganster William McAllister
3rd 87 Ironstone Gulliver Smiths of Bloxham

Class 9                 

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 107 Anside Gigolo Braehead Farms
2nd 106 Ironstone Giro Smiths of Bloxham
3rd 108 Garyvaughan Guy CV & EM Lewis

Class 10                               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 113 Haltcliffe Gentry Messrs Ridley
2nd 118 Tweeddale Gonzo J Watson
3rd 116 Poolehall globetrotter N & J Matthews

Class 11                               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 126 Griseburn Guardsman T A Horn
2nd 122 Haltcliffe Guinea Messrs Ridley
3rd 127 Emslies Gunsnroses Emslies Livestock Ltd

Class 12                               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 139 Goldies Goldfinger Bruce T Goldie
2nd 143 Ballynahone Gigolo R Henderson
3rd 136 Haltcliffe Gold Messrs Ridley

Class 13               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 158 Ballinloan Gautier S L Fotheringham
2nd 154 Newhouse Gameboy RM Adam & Son
3rd 156 Wilodge Gigabyte C Williams t/a DA Williams

Class 14                               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 166 Warrenderpark Geronimo Miss L M Cooper
2nd 163 Knock Black Gladtidings A G Howie
3rd 164 Glenrock Ghengis S & H Illingworth

Class 15               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 174 Craigatoke Halo Michael Coyle
2nd 175 Golidies Black Hawaii Bruce T Goldie
3rd 178 Dinmore Hitman P R Dawes

Class 16               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 183 Craigatoke Highandmighty Martin Conway
2nd 181 Trueman Hornpipe H Savage & Sons
3rd 179 Barrons Hero W Barron

Class 17               

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 191 Gorrycam Hazzard Stephen Reel
2nd 192 Trueman Harp H Savage & Sons
3rd 202 Ronick Hugo William Dick & Sons

Class 18                           

  Lot Bull Owner
1st 211 Envier Harry Michael McKeefry
2nd 210 Goldies Hitman Bruce T Goldie
3rd 204 Gardnedd Huwcyn KI & E & HI Jones