Semen and live animal DNA wanted!

The British Limousin Cattle Society requires to purchase a number of semen straws and obtain DNA samples from commercial stock sires for use within its exciting new Carcase Traits Project. Full details relating to the project are here. Please click on the quick links below to check if you have the sires we need and please get in touch if you are willing to assist this ground-breaking new initiative.


    • Thank you for your response. To complete development of the new genomic breeding values (GEBVs), we will continue to collect DNA from pre-identified animals. These are animals whose relatives have been slaughtered and for which we have good quality VIA (visual image analysis) records from. Once the research is completed (in 2015/16), all breeders who performance record will be able to submit their animals’ DNA and receive the genomic breeding values for the nine new traits in return. At this point, full results will also be published (as EBVs are now) and the high performers for these new traits will be identified.

  1. This project that you have undertaking has many variables, some of which are not directly related to breeding, which influence the results achieved, such as management. I would like a member of the BLCS to contact me and discuss the justification of such a scheme and what they consider the benefits are to the pedigree breeder. With any new scheme there is always the potential for parties/members to have a reduction in value of their stock if the findings are different to the genetic pool desired. I would be reluctant to publish any information which would have a negative impact and also urge that the society consider the a Livestock Markets perspective and the free trading of livestock. As if they are not supported there will be limited opportunities for Pedigree Breeders to Market their Pedigree Stock. I look forward to a member of staff contacting me regarding these matters. Mark Stewart.

    • Dear Mark
      Many thanks for your comment re this Project. Alison Glasgow will be over at the club meeting in NI on 11th March and will be presenting and discussing this subject then and taking any questions. Will this be suffice to address your questions. Alternatively I will ask Alison to contact you when she returns to the office next Tuesday.
      Many thanks