The latest Basco Limousin Performance Recording run has taken place and the results are now published.  These update the Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for performance recording members animals and all others across the breed.

For recording members to view their new reports, please go to the Basco website ( or click the link from the Limousin website home page).  Login using your email address and password then click ”View’ alongside your herd name and select the appropriate report.  You can then sort the animals in to order by clicking the small up/down arrows below your chosen column heading.  To print a copy of any of these reports click on the ‘Export to pdf’ or ‘Export to Excel’ button and print as normal.

To view results for animals outwith your herd, click on ‘Beef Search’ on the toolbar of the Basco website (  You can then either enter an animal’s name or ear number in the ‘Quick Search’ box, or go in to ‘Breeder Search’ to view whole herd results or use ‘EBV Search’ to find animals meeting your desired criteria.

If you have any query or any matter you would like to discuss, please contact Alison Glasgow at or on 02476 696500.