Due to a change in our farm policy Highfields Park Farm has for sale three exceptionally well bred pedigree in calf limousin females, two with calves at foot and one yearling heifer.

Haltcliffe Herb DOB – 08/08/12 – Dam – Haltcliffe Fantasy – Sire Haltcliffe DJ

PD in calf – due 30/04/16 – Sire Quiash Volcano

Netherhall Holly DOB – 07/10/12 – Dam – Netherhall Dolly  – Sire Haltcliffe Favori

3 month old heifer calf at foot – Chameran Lucy DOB – 15/09/15 Sire Wilodge Goldcard

Millington Glacier DoB – 17/05/11 – Dam – Millington Chavonne – Sire Millington Detroit

4 month old bull calf at foot – Chameran Liam – DOB 09/09/15 – Sire GerryGullinane Glen


They have been running with the bull – Quaish Volcano since the 4th December

Chameran Jonquille DOB 14/10/14 – Dam – Haltcliffe Herb – Sire Haltcliffe Fencer

Highfields Park Farm are members of the HI Health herdcare scheme and are accredited free of BVD and LEPTO, Johne’s level 2 and herd testing for IBR.

For further details please contact Kelly Morphew 07860 376 083