The BLCS is currently taking pre-orders from breeders wishing to purchase Reliabulltm Scrotal Measuring tapes.

These tapes are fitted with a gauge that indicates when sufficient tension is being applied when the scrotal measurement is taken.  This can aid more accurate and consistent readings than conventional tapes.   Whether bulls are being used/sold from home or at the mart, a sound measurement will give peace of mind to both vendors and buyers that the animals are up to standard.  Scrotal measurements are also a routine part of the Limousin Performance Recording scheme, driving the Scrotal Circumference EBV.

reliabull tape 2

The cost of the tapes will be in the region of £28-35 (+vat) and will be dependent on the size of the total order.  Pre-orders are being taken now; if you would like to purchase a tape, please complete and submit the online form here by 27th APRIL 2016:–kEyWvYBvZFnCpnb0b48oHa3b1gwsXKXZc/viewform?usp=send_form

Placing a pre-order now does not commit you to buy.  It will indicate to the Society the quantity it needs to source and will ensure a tape is available to you if you wish to go ahead with the purchase.  The final cost and delivery time will be notified to you by email (or text if no email) along with an opportunity to then confirm or withdraw your order. Payment will be due when your confirmed order is ready to send to you; it will be deducted by direct debit (where this is in place) or will be due by cheque.  A receipted invoice confirming payment will be issued with your new tape.

Scrotal circumference is an indicator of fertility of the bull and early maturity in his daughters and monitoring it is of great importance at herd and breed level.  In October 2017, the minimum acceptable thresholds at Society sales are being increased as part of a wider improvement plan aimed at increasing the value of the breed even further within the UK’s commercial sector.

For enquiries, contact Alison Glasgow on email or telephone 01721 730664.