Introduction to EUROLIM

In 1989, EUROLIM was formed on behalf of Limousin associations and breeders from around Europe.  Its principal aim is the promotion of the Limousin breed across Europe and internationally and the exchange and discussion of Limousin research and breed improvement programmes.  Since its inception, EUROLIM has adopted a body of internal rules and regulations for transparency and trading quality among European countries. A single European passport for registered animals and the EUROLIM seal of approval, guarantees not only the origin but also zootechnical information about animal performances.

EUROLIM’S stated objectives include:

  • to encourage the promotion and expansion of the Limousin breed in the EU
  • to improve the genetics of the Limousin breed within the EU
  • to harmonise selection working methods and exchange research works and information
  • to make it easier for each of the associations to apply EU Directives

The EUROLIM Board presently consists of the President, Aled Edwards (UK), the Vice Presidents Bernard Roux (France) and Lol Schintgen (Luxembourg), and the Secretary Sébastien Stamane (France).  Mr Edwards was elected president in 2008.