International Congress

International Limousin Congress

The ILC is the world parent organization for Limousin Associations across the globe. There are presently 26 affiliated countries, representative of the five continents. Every two years an International Limousin Congress is held in a nominated country.

The Congress presents a chance to see Limousin cattle in different countries and how they fit into the respective geography, system and markets. It is also the perfect vehicle to exchange breed views, research, marketing and technical information.

ILC Congresses have been held from 1973 to Present as follows:

1973 France 1998 Brazil
1975 USA 2000 France
1977 France 2002 Canada
1979 Argentina 2004 United Kingdom
1981 United Kingdom 2006 Australia
1984 New Zealand 2008 Italy
1986 France 2010 Mexico
1988 Australia 2012 Denmark
1990 Denmark 2014 Argentina
1992 USA  2016 Ireland
1994 Ireland
1996 Zimbabwe