2011 marks the 40th anniversary year of Limousin cattle being imported into the UK and the British Limousin Cattle Society being established.  To mark this special landmark, all purchasers at BLCS Collective Sales, who are not presently members, are being offered a free membership of the Society for 2011. Membership of the Society, including the registration of a prefix, is normally £40 excluding VAT.

The British Limousin Cattle Society is the UK’s largest beef breed Society and has close on 3000 members from all regions of the country.  Its core purpose is the promotion and technical development of the Limousin breed and the provision of an accurate herdbook of the British Limousin population.  Breed improvement programmes, web enabled herdbook tools, and practical added value initiatives and services are all aimed at increasing the profitability of pedigree beef producers.

Just some of the membership benefits of the Society include:

  • Registering pedigree cattle and increased cattle value
  • Breed improvement, research programmes and performance recording
  • Promotion and marketing of the breed
  • Three free magazines, annual Studbook, and regular member updates
  • Organisation of pedigree sales
  • Industry representation
  • Affiliation to UK and international bodies
  • Young Limousin Breeders Club
  • Annual national and regional competitions

In the last two years the Society, through Limousin Solutions Ltd, has also introduced the e-commerce Semenstore.co.uk and Taurus Livestock Insurance both of which have proved practical and popular.

When you purchase your animal from an Official BLCS Collective Sale, we will send you the pedigree and at the same time will enclose the relevant application form to join the Society. Your free membership will run until the end of December 2011. At the end of that period you will then be offered the opportunity and choice to continue your membership with the Society.

By joining the Society, you will be immediately eligible to register pedigree calves and you will have access to the facilities offered by the Limousin Herd Book Office.   Charges for registering calves and any other herdbook work will be made at the advertised prices.  Upon joining the Society you will be provided with all the necessary documentation required to register pedigree calves. However, please note that any calf over 180 days of age is not eligible for registration. We would therefore like to stress the importance of sending in your membership application in good time if you do have any progeny to register.