Explanatory Notes


Following the Herd Health initiative introduced by the Society in 2005, a second major health step saw the introduction of Herd Health Declarations and information at Collective Limousin pedigree Sales commencing with the 2007 May Sale at Carlisle. From 2008 it is being introduced at all official Collective Society Sales.

A service to customers and breeders

The principal aim of this new step is to standardise herd health declarations and information presented in order to provide both members and customers alike with clear, accurate herd health information at the point of sale and within the given sale catalogue. As such we anticipate it will be attractive and informative for customers and will again further raise the level of buyer confidence.

How do the Herd Health Declarations work?

The sale entry form for vendors was accompanied by a Herd Health Declaration form asking vendors simple questions regarding for example: TB status; membership of CHeCS health schemes (HI-Health, Biobest Herdcare, SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme, NWL Advance Cattle Health Scheme or the AFBI Cattle Health Scheme) and Johnes, BVD, IBR and LEPTO status. This form is shown on the opposite page.

How is this Herd Health Declaration information presented at the sale?

The Herd Health Declaration information is used primarily in two ways.

Herd Health Declaration cards, based solely on the information provided, have been produced by the Society for display above each herd’s pens. To ensure that the cards are visible for members and customers, one card has been produced for each pen of animals presented by a herd.

A condensed version of the Herd Health sale declaration information provided also appears in the Vendors’ Index at the front of the sale catalogue.

What other health information may be displayed?

By definition this is a Herd Health Declaration not an individual animal declaration. In line with the Society’s overall Herd Health initiative, health cards provided by members of the CHeCS approved health schemes are also allowed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For an individual animal’s test results, or vaccination histories, regarding BVD, IBR, Lepto or Johnes, these are permitted above the sale pens only upon presentation of a signed veterinary declaration to verify that the animal concerned has had a clear test.

What does Accredited Free for Johnes mean?

If a herd has had two clear annual Johnes tests, it is declared as being Accredited Free for Johnes provided there has been no history of Johnes in the herd. If the latter is the case, then in this instance three clear tests are required. The date the herd has been Accredited Free since is also indicated on the Herd Health Declaration cards.

Health footnotes under a given animal in the sale catalogue

For reasons of practicality, no health information notes are to be put in the catalogue footnotes by vendors. Buyers should refer to the Vendors’ Index, the Herd Health cards displayed on pens or to the vendors themselves for all health-related information.

Is the Herd Health Declaration compulsory?

Although not compulsory, the Society has recommended vendors to complete the Herd Health Declaration. Herd Health Declaration pen cards, however, are provided only for vendors who have completed the Herd Health Declaration.

In the Vendors’ Index within the catalogue, where a member has chosen not to complete the Herd Health sale declaration, it will simply say ‘No Herd Health Declaration.’

Will the auctioneers continue to give health information from the box at the point of sale?

The Society has requested that no declarations on health information be given by the auctioneer during the sale. Again, the sole purpose of this is to avoid confusion and to try and ensure that the information provided is done accurately, fairly and in a standardised format in the catalogue and on the animal pens. This point has been agreed with the auctioneers

What if a vendor is selling an animal/s that he did not breed?

Vendors have still been requested to fill in the Herd Health Sale Declaration accordingly. Prospective customers are advised to speak to vendors directly to acquire accurate health information on animals offered but not bred by the seller.

Feedback & more information

The Society welcomes members’ and customers’ feedback on the Herd Health Declarations as it is expected that this will be an evolving initiative. If you have further questions, please speak to the Society representatives, Iain Kerr & Richard Saunders, or the Auctioneers.