DINGWALL, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (April, 30th) sold on behalf of Messrs K J Gill & Sons, Mid Craiglands, Fortrose, 29 adult head of breeding cattle at the dispersal of the Mid Craiglands Limousin herd.

Cow with bull calf (4) sold to 4000gns for Craiglands Velvet, a Scorboro Regius daughter born in 2004, with her Normande Banzai calf, Craiglands Frosty at foot, and back running again with stock bull Normande Banzai, to Grant Anderson, Auchenhalrig, Spey Bay.

Cow with heifer calf (9) sold to 4200gns for Craiglands Una, a 2003 born cow by Cockleshell Olympus, with her Normande Banzai calf, Craiglands Farmersgirl at foot, and back running again with stock bull Normande Banzai, to Messrs Clark Farms, Blackhill Farm, Carluke.

In calf cows (9) sold to 4800gns for Craiglands Vera, a 2004 born cow again by Scorboro Regius, running with Normande Banzai, to John P Clark Ltd., Kinnahaird Farm, Contin.

Bulling heifers (7) sold to 3000gns for Craiglands Elgar, a Normande Banzai daughter, out of the 2009 Black Isle Show Overall Champion, Craiglands Val, to Neil Barclay, Harestone, Crathes.

Semen (29) sold to 150gns for a straw of Scorboro Regius, to John P Clark Ltd., Kinnahaird.

Other leading prices

Cow with bull calf: Craiglands Sal with Craiglands Floyd, 3200gns.

Cow with heifer calf: Craiglands Val with Craiglands Georgie, 4000gns; Craiglands Sadie with Craiglands Freda, 3000gns; Balavil Norah with Craiglands Fran, 2800gns; Craiglands Belinda with Craiglands Gogirl, 2200gns; Craiglands Vicky with Craiglands Gill, 2100gns; Craiglands Sarah with Craiglands Gina, 2000gns.

In calf cows: Craiglands Uness, 3500gns; Balavil Angel, 3400gns; Craiglands Claire, 2400gns; Craiglands Bertha, 1900gns; Craiglands Veronica, 1700gns.

Bulling heifers: Craiglands Elizabeth, 2600gns; Craiglands Foxylady, 2400gns; Craiglands Fiona, 2250gns; Craiglands Elf, 2000gns; Craiglands Fortune, 1700gns; Craiglands Faith, 1500gns.