Northern Ireland YLB have launched a poster competition to promote the Limousin breed.

All paid-up Northern Ireland Young Breeders can enter to have a chance of winning semen which is not widely available. A big thank-you goes to several leading breeders’ who have generously given the Young Breeders semen  as prizes.

Smiths of Bloxham of the Ironstone herd have donated two straws of Wilodge Vantastic, Craig Ridley of the Haltcliffe herd has given two straws of Sympa along with James Mckay of the Ampertaine herd who has donated two straws of Cloughhead Lord. There is also a selection of toys from Erwins of Nutts Corner for the younger breeders to choose from.

Iain Kerr (CEO of BLCS), Ruth Rodgers (Editor of Farming Life) and Carole McCarthy (Minprint) have all kindly agreed to judge this poster competition.