Paul Dawes continues his winning ways with Dinmore Hannah, another Wilodge Vantastic daughter, out of Wilodge Priceless winning the heifer class born on or between 1.1.12 and 31.3.12. In second place was Millington Highlight from Millington Grange Estate who is also a Vantastic daughter.

In the following heifer class for animals born on or between 1.4.12 and 31.5.12,  taking the first prize ticket was the French bred heifer Historia shown by Chris & Fiona Jerman, in second place was Richard Bartle & Mary Cormack with their exhibitor bred heifer Absolute Honesty.  This 30th April 2012 born heifer is by Wilodge Vantastic and is out of the Royal Show winning Newstart Upsydaisy.

Harry Emslie is just starting his final heifer class before moving onto the Female Championships………..