Dear Society Member,

Further to our statement to members dated 11 January 2022, regarding the official review of the
Society carried out by Defra in respect of a batch of imported semen from Jacot 36-94-005-555, the
Society has now received a further update from Defra.

Defra have advised that it is currently reviewing further information concerning the impacted
animals and will be providing the Society with the results of that review in due course, along with a
new decision.

In the meantime, the Society has been advised by Defra that all the measures put in place in respect
of those impacted animals, as outlined in the Society’s statement dated 11 January 2022, have been
withdrawn, pending a new decision from Defra.

It is the Society’s understanding that all activities in respect of the impacted animals can now
continue (subject to the Society’s byelaws). Please note the status of the impacted animals may be
subject to change depending upon the outcome of Defra’s ongoing review.

To confirm, Defra has advised that the animals included in the ongoing review are the 1st generation
progeny detailed in the statement dated 11 January 2022, and their progeny and descendants.
For the avoidance of doubt, this latest update from Defra means the following for the impacted
animals and germinal products:
• Calves registered since 22/12/2021 that are currently suspended: these will be released as fully
registered as soon as possible, providing they are not suspended for any other reason
• Calves birth notified since 22/12/2021: these can now be fully registered as members wish. This can
be done in the normal manner through the Taurus website, or by getting in touch with the office
• New registrations: applications for new registrations will now be received. The applications for
registration of calves from cows/heifers currently pregnant will also be received in due course
• Germinal products: may now be used to produce calves eligible for pedigree registration

Whilst this means that members are now free to conduct all usual activities in respect of the affected
animals, it is the Society’s understanding that Defra will issue a new decision in due course and so the
animals may yet be subject to further measures.

The Society therefore advises its members to exercise caution when conducting further
activities in relation to the affected animals until such time as Defra’s new decision has been

For reference, the link to the Society’s statement, including details of the impacted animals, issued on
11 January 2022 is:

If members are affected by this matter and would like to discuss it, please get in touch through the
main office.