⭐️ 2020 Herd Competition ⭐️

We would firstly like to thank our judge Richard Bartle of Dinmore & Absolute herds & his designated driving Gareth Lee of the Calogale Limousins & Beef Semen-Sales for taking the time to expertly judge the high quality of entries we had on show!

We would also like to thank our members for their support of this competition & the tremendous show they displayed for the judge!

This year has seen new categories introduced & we are delighted to announce this years herd competition results;

Small herd

Ritchies – Aileen Ritchie

Breckonside – M & P Dernie

Aultside – Garry Patterson

Medium Herd

Lodge – Ian Callion

Hallrig – John Hunter

Stephick – Stephanie Dick

Large Herd

Meadowrig – Anthony Renton

Anside – Martin Irvine

Westpit – Andrew Gammie

Extra Large Herd

Maraiscote- Ian Nimmo

Spittalton – Andrew Burnett

Ronick- Ronald Dick

Best cow family

Brockhurst Fuzzy – Anthony Renton

Maraiscote Dante – Ian Nimmo

Glenrock Heroine – W & A Callion

Best Stock Bull & Progent

Bassingfield Machoman – Ian Nimmo

Homebyres Macadoo – Anthony Renton

Carnew Millreef – Aileen Ritchie

Best Young Bull 2019 Born

meadowrig Pedro – Anthony Renton

springsett President -Jessop & McBeath

Elrick Politician- Mike Massie

Best Young Female 2019 Born

Ritchies Peryl – Aileen Ritchie

Ronick Popsicle – Mr R Dick

Aultside Passion – Garry Patterson

2020 Born Male Calves

Maraiscote Regan – Ian nimmo

Westpit Rocky – Andrew Gammie

Ronick Raifki – Mr R Dick

2020 Born Female Calves

Anside Rhiana – Mr & Mrs S Irvine

Stephick Redrose – Stephanie Dick

Rossbay Rockstar – Stephan Sue Dale-sunley

Best Individual Cow

Emslies Ieryl – Aileen Ritchie

Aultside Jazz – Garry Patterson

Alagils Gillie – A & G Macnab

Best in calf Heifer

Springsett Orchid – Jessop & McBeath

Clury Olga – walter Cruickshank

Anside Nanney – Mr & Mrs S Irvine

Best New Exhibitor

Breconside Limousins – M & P Dernie

Special Judges Award

Best herd temperament

Moray – Ron Duncan

Overall Best herd

Meadowrig Limousins – Anthony Renton

Reserve Best herd

Maraiscote Limousins – Mr Ian Nimmo

⭐️ Our show points this year was put to public vote with the past decade of winners up for selection ⭐️

2020 Female of the year
Burnbank Jojo from D & L Graham’s

2020 Male of the year
Corsairtly Oswald from R & K Davidson